Filmsoc members were invited to assist on the production of 'Bokser'

Filmsoc members were invited to assist on the production of 'Bokser'

There are some things in life that get old very quickly. Among these are: Res food, that creepy dude who sits behind you in lectures and doesn’t stop sniffing, motorized wheelchairs, the television commentary for spelling-bees, Mariah Carey’s voice, the smell of urine in an old age home and, of course, the Green Campus Initiative.

But we’ve got good news. Film Society never gets old. Nope, in fact we just keep getting bigger and bigger, better and better, louder and louder. And we say – screw the planet! Let’s just go out with a bang!

Because this year we’re:

  • hosting over a dozen free parties,
  • screening at least two movies per month,
  • offering our members the chance to make their very own films,
  • we’re handing out vests, boerie rolls and some awesome prizes,
  • running exciting competitions,
  • and much, much more.

And this is where it all goes down. Right here at you can get the lowdown on what’s happening, where, how and when. You won’t want to be anywhere else this year.

And if you’re not into all of this, look on the bright side – at least we don’t force you to choose which bin to throw your rubbish into. We’re way more considerate than that.

Where to start? First thing you need to do to really get in on the action is to officially join the society, if you’re keen for an awesome year, drop us a mail and we’ll get in touch. But right now, you can take advantage of the great free content on our website- we’ve got reviews, news from the local and international filmmaking world, the latest buzz about awards shows and celebs, social media updates, great video content on our YouTube channel, and interesting commentary, analysis and editorials from our writers.


Film Society explained in 61 seconds: